The Chaos of Everything That Isn’t You

Authentic Movement drove the movement generation in The Chaos of Everything That Isn’t You. Choreographer MaryAnn McGovern guided her cast through the creation of vocabulary with Authentic Movement, an improvisational free-association practice that reinforces the relevance of mind-body interconnectedness. The meaning of the work emerged as a response to the assumptions about Generation Y, or the Millennial Generation, and the challenges that have been presented to them as

they come of age in a remarkably unstable time. Vacillating between athletically aggressive and subtly nuanced, The Chaos of Everything… is rich with intricate partnerships and amoebic group forms. The piece is layered with text and singing, and is ripe with pop-culture references.

Choreography: MaryAnn McGovern
Lighting Design: Samantha Spriggs
Cast: Shannon McGuire, Nicole Scatchell, Gretchen Soechting, Jessica Svaicer-Beirich, Mercedes Soto, Monica Thomas
Photo: Sarah Ebling