SPRAWL is the culmination of a year-long series with works presented at Link’s Hall (Chicago) and Velocity Dance Center’s Bridge Project (Seattle).  The work explores the motivations and repercussions of suburban sprawl through movement, song, and spoken word.

“McGovern’s explorative approach is engaging. She exemplifies a documentarian style with her visitation to historic industrial growth, urban sprawl, and cultural disparity. It’s an approach filled with beautifully lined choreography, reflecting on past events that continue to challenge the nation in the present. Sprawl demonstrates her ability to provoke thought through dance. Watch for her upcoming works, as she is sure to make an impression on the Seattle dance scene.”

Nalisha Rangel, Seattle Dances

Choreography: MaryAnn McGovern

Lighting Design: Ilvs Strauss (Seattle) and Samantha Spriggs (Chicago)
Cast: Sarah Crockett, Alyza DelPan-Money, Maia Erickson, Lorraine Lau, and Annalisa Peterson
Seattle Community Cast: Naphtali Beyleveld, Claire Carden, Faith Coben, Adriana Hernandez, Melissa A. Haug, Carla Maria Negrete, Hillary Pond, Belle Wolf
Chicago Community Cast:  Megan Adams, Lianne Hart, Megan Klein, Sally Lepper, Emily Lukasiewski, Rose Mulvey, Nicole Scatchell, Rebecca Schulman, Amanda Timm