SPRAWL part 2

SPRAWL part 2 was the second in a series that examines the un-sustainability of suburbanization, it’s cultural implications, and the gradual collapse of the utopian illusion that was pre-recession suburban life.  This portion of the work explores the exurban community and the environmental repercussions of commuter towns.  This piece employed a large community cast to represent a quickly growing population, and focused on issues of expansion by physically manipulating the space, clearing curtains to make room for the growing number of bodies, revealing bare white walls and side lights.

This piece was selected by Velocity Dance Center in Seattle for their annual Bridge Project, which supports three to four emerging choreographers for three weeks and produces their work.

“MaryAnn McGovern’s SPRAWL Part 2 made it clear that McGovern is a choreographer to watch…The nominal subject of the work is urban sprawl. That might sound like an unpromising idea for a dance, but for McGovern, it’s just a springboard into something more abstract and ultimately quite moving… it became evident that McGovern had crafted nothing less than a metaphor for the creation of community through art in the face of mindless urban expansion. Feats of choreographic magic like this are rare and very special.”

– Anne Lawrence, Seattle Dances Blog

Choreography: MaryAnn McGovern
Lighting Design: Amiya Brown
Cast: Jessica Chung, Mercedes Klein, Rashelle McKee, Alysha Shroff
SPRAWL part 2 was made possible by Velocity Dance Center’s Bridge Project